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ADSAD is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to defend human rights and to assist those who have been detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Security Council Press Statement on Democratic Republic of the Congo. 16 JANUARY 2018




UN chief calls for restraint, urges Kabila to step down





DRC violence shows Kabila 'determined to stay in power'






End to Mugabe rule: other autocratic leaders may fear similar fate: Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Yoweri Museveni in Uganda, Paul Kagame in Rwanda, Pierre Nkurunziza in Burundi, and Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The guardian, 22/11/2017


Congo opposition leader set to challenge Kabila. 4/09/2017 : Felix Tshisekedi, the leader of the opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has returned to the capital Kinshasa and plans to challenge President Joseph Kabila who has so far refused to set a date for presidential elections.


Human Rights Watch: 27 Killed in Congo Protest

Congolese police detain protesters demanding that President Joseph Kabila leave power by the end of the year in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, July 31, 2017

2 UN experts killed in DRCongo


Joseph Kabila and government crackdown against the political opposition, media, and civil society groups continues. Human Rights Watch, 17/04/2017


DR Congo: Bodies of Two UN Experts Found after a large-scale human rights violations in the region. March 28, 2017

Etienne Tshisekedi


Government and opposition agree:  Joseph Kabila will step down as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo after elections are held before the end of 2017. Aljazeera, 3/1/2017

Kabila makes billions when congolsese are starving

Kabila makes billions when congolsese are starving


President Joseph Kabila's attempt to remain in power beyond his term. DRC delays election to 2018 despite opposition anger.


massacre during protest 19 Sept 2016


Targeted sanctions on Joseph Kabila & officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, responsible for violence and rights violations amid rising political tensions. U.S. lawmakers want Obama to impose sanctions on Congo. Fri May 27, 2016


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the need for timely and credible elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a recent meeting with President Joseph Kabila. Reuters, 25th April 2016.

The United States via the Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson John Kirby raises voice: the harassment and detention of peaceful activists and opposition leaders is not acceptable. February 18, 2016.



Joseph Kabila Forever: The dangers of an extended presidency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Human Watch, 2015.

joseph kabila a danger

Kabila's Speech: Path to Glissement? Kabila want to kill more. By Friends of the Congo, 30/11/2015

Anti Kabila Demonstrations


Joseph Kabila Forever: The dangers of an extended presidency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Human Watch, 2015.

This appears to be the beginning of the end of Joseph Kabila's presidency. PDT, 16/09/2015

Anti Kabila Demonstrations

Aid given by the UK to countries with a history of fraud and corruption should be "conditional" on them improving their governance, MPs have said. BBC 28/07/2015

UN urges exhumation of bodies from mass burial in DR Congo. By AFP, 16/04/2015

The Democratic Republic of Congo senate has amended a controversial census bill following four days of violent nationwide protests. 42 killed according to Human Right Organisations. 23/01/2015

DRCongo Protesters

DRCongo Protesters


DRCongo : 15 Protestors Killed by Kabila’s Army. Protestors in Kinshasa, Goma, Bukavu against alleged plans by Congolese President Joseph Kabila to extend his rule. Monday 19 Jan. 15


A mass trial of 39 soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ended with two convicted of rape and 13 others cleared. 06/05/2014

Joseph Kabila is trying to change the constitution in order to stay in power after 13 years.  Please click here to read the interview with the National Secretary of Kabila’s Party.  What we should learn from the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela life? 19/03/2014

Please click here to read the response from one member of the opposition

DR Congo: Mass Arrests of Activists: Crackdown on Free Expression Raises Election Concerns, Human Rights Watch, 18/03/2015


DR Congo, UN troops launch offensive against Rwandan rebels. France 24, 13/03/2014


DR Congo's Lubumbashi hit by fighting; BBC news, 7/01/2014


DR Congo 'repulses' TV, airport and army base attacks; BBC News, 30 December 2013

The Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, but colonialism, slavery and corruption have turned it into one of the poorest, by historian Dan Snow. BBC Oct 2013


Alain Moloto killed by a strong poison for being opponent to Kabila’s regime. 15/08/2013

alain moloto killed

The United States last week called on Rwanda to end its backing of the rebel forces and they has given the rebel forces 48 hours to leave the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo city of Goma or face "the use of force", according to AFP news agency. 30/07/2013

refugees from DRCongo

Thousands of people who have fled fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda face health risks because of a lack of drinking water. 30/07/2013

Adsad’s national coordinator Lawyer Jean Claude Ngandu was one of the delegates at the 5th World Congress against the death penalty in Madrid, Spain, from 12 to 15 June 2013.

5th world congress against death penalty

Angelina Jolie and William Hague visit Congo on anti-rape mission; Sexual violence in conflict has to be resolved.

DR Congo: UN chief Ban Ki Moon visited a hospital for the victims of sexual violence. He was greeted with chants that mixed anger with anguish: UN's failed illusion of security in the east - 25/05/2013, BBC News, Goma.

Congo prisoners dying from hunger, torture. March 13 2013 at 08:35pm, By Reuters

Congo succession drama still plays out years after Kabila’s death, 22/02/2013

World Report 2012: Democratic Republic of Congo

Human rights violations and war crimes by M23 in DR Congo. Human Rights Watch, 05 February 2013

DR Congo's M23 rebels declare unilateral ceasefire but Government spokesman Lambert Mende said the government did not have much confidence in the rebel ceasefire. BBC News Africa; 8/01/2013

War in DR Congo: “Both Rwanda and Uganda have been supporting M23,” Reuters quoted from the 44-page report. The Secretary-General vaguely called “on all relevant States to use their influence on the M23 to bring about an end to the attacks. 25/11/2012

FULL REPORT ABOUT THE IMPLICATION: DR Congo: Rwanda Should Stop Aiding War Crimes Suspect

Congolese Renegade General Bosco Ntaganda Receives Recruits and Weapons from Rwanda; by Human Rights Watch; June 2012.


From one occupation to another: the same story – where is UN force? The United Nations Security Council expressed deep concern. 17/07/2012. By David R Arnott, NBC News


Security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo carried out killings and arbitrary arrests after elections last year, according to a UN report. 20/03/2012

DR Congo: President Kabila's aide dies in plane crash; 12/02/2012

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo have fired tear gas to disperse supporters of the opposition leader, Etienne Tshisekedi. 26 January 2012

The poll was heavily criticised by foreign observers, the opposition and Catholic bishops - who complained in a statement of "treachery, lies and terror" and called on the election commission to correct "serious errors’’.

etienne tshisekedi

Congolese in London are against election’s fraud - DR Congo protests in London result in 139 arrests. 12 December 2011

In London: congolese against elections fraud

DR CONGO S.O.S. after Fraud in Elections. 10/12/2011

Fraud in DR Congo’s Elections and voting extended in some areas.

BBC News. 29/11/2011



Learn from the Death of Gaddafi: From 1969 to August 2011: Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years as a Dictator. 21/10/2011


The Tyrant dubbed 'Mad Dog' hid in drain and begged for his life in final moments. From 1969 to August 2011: Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years as a Dictator, refusing to share the power or to organise a free elections. He died as he ruled without mercy. Gaddafi was behind the Pan-Am flight 103 bombed over Lockerbie and he supported many others dictators, and many guns or explosives were supplied by Gaddafi’s regime. Fleeing tyrant Muammar Gaddafi was killed yesterday after being dragged from a drain begging for his life.

Congo elections: Fears of violence, unity doubts. Etienne Tshisekedi is one of the candidates. By MICHELLE FAUL - Associated Press. 14/08/2011


DR Congo's rail  revamp backed by China and World Bank but there are some major problems regarding this project. BBC, 12 May 2011

transport by train in drcongo

More than 1,100 women raped every day, report says. AFP, 11.05.2011

the end of a dictator

The end of Laurent Gbagbo is a Strong Signal to dictators: Obama welcomes Gbagbo capture. AFP, 11 Apr. 11

Greediness and fragile states – 19 Mar. 11

kabila attacked

DR Congo: Six killed in 'coup bid' against Kabila, 27 February 2011 at 15:36


Police on trial for killing Floribert Chebeya: the continuation of impunity - BBC News - November 12, 2010

PRESIDENT KABILA IN THE EAST, FROM ITURI TO KISANGANI: Local authorities have ordered the closing of all businesses, forcing the people to take part in the celebrations marking the arrival of the president Kabila; MISNA: DR Congo, 17/9/2010.

Hundreds mourn murdered DR Congo rights activist – Floribert Chebeya – 27 June 2010 - (AFP)

Kabila’s Government tries to show to the International Community that they loved Floribert after his assassination - Just a lie

floribert funeral in DR Congo

The assassination of Floribert Chebeya is unacceptable  - 6/6/2010

assassination of human rights activist floribert

Click here for more deatils

Sexual violence and the reign of impunity in DR Congo! 20 April 2010

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sexual Violence, Margot Wallström, stressed that impunity and armed conflict must be brought to an end.

Remaining Conflicts: Inter communal talks in Baraka, territory of Fizzi;

Uvira -30/01/2010

MONUC press conference about the Situation in DRCongo - 20/08/2009

The commander of MONUC Forces, General Babacar Gaye said: “the Situation in the field requires urgent new reinforcements” 20 June 2009

Launch of overall strategy in the fight against sexual violence in the DRC

Eoin Young / MONUC

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appeals for a reinforced collaboration between the DRC and MONUC - MONUC PIO -02 mar. 09 - 16.18h

MONUC condemns exactions and threats on Congolese civilian populations by the FDLR - MONUC Information Note - 18 feb. 09 - 10.09h

determined to terrorise the civilians

Happy new year – 2009 and Message from Europe’s representative Office

Congo leaders 'killed opponents' – BBC - 26 nov. 08 - 10.41h

European Union concerned by DR Congo unrest but not ready to send troops – AFP - 10 nov. 08 - 14.05h

UN says Rwanda tanks fired at Congo – AP - 04 nov. 08 - 11.16h

Rwanda’s government is actively supporting Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda.

Laurent Nkunda want to kill more: Thousands flee fighting as Congo rebels seize gorilla park- CNN - 26 oct. 08 - 18.33h

again fighting in DRC

DRC: NGO opts out after attack on staff – IRIN - 26 sep. 08 - 15.52h

Hundreds of fleeing Congolese cross into Uganda: UN – AFP- 26 sep. 08 - 16.15h

DR Congo's prime minister, 83, quits citing old ageAFP - 26 sep. 08 - 11.01h

People greeted his resignation on the streets of Kinshasa with insouciance as they remained focused on their daily struggles.

INTERVIEW-East Congo risks plunging back into war - U.N. – Reuters - 04 sep. 08 - 16.46h

Clashes resume between army and rebels in DR CongoAFP - 05 sep. 08 - 15.39h

DRC: Health crisis looms as doctors' strike continues – IRIN - 22 aug. 08 - 19.28h

Congo's former government headed by current President Joseph Kabila lost and stole $1.3 billion – report. Last year, corruption watchdog Transparency International put Congo in the top 10 of the world's most corrupt countries. Reuters-24 jul. 08 - 09.09h

Congolese former rebel warlord, vice-president, opposition’s leader Jean-Pierre Bemba transferred to The International Criminal Court– Reuters - 03 jul. 08 - 16.16h

Belgian court clears way for Bemba transfer to war crimes court – AFP - 02 jul. 08 - 08.32h

When the European Union is reinforcing these decisions to close doors to the asylum seekers and immigrants, to highlight the World Refugee Day, the UN Secretary General calls a redoubling of efforts. 20 jun. 08 - 15.19h

Protests in DR Congo against former rebel leader's arrest AFP - 27 may. 08 - 09.32h

Congo rebels recruiting in Uganda- UPDF - General Laurent Nkunda is secretly drafting Ugandans into his forces to fight the Kinshasa government - The Monitor - 22 may. 08 - 12.11h

Stop recruiting children to fight Reuters - 08 may. 08 - 16.41h

general nkunda said 'state of war'

UN Secretary with Media at Kinshasa

After Election, RD Congo have now a President, Prime Ministre and President of National Assembly.

Joseph Kabila - President

Antoine Gizenga - Prime Ministre

Vital Kamere - President Parlement (Nat. Ass)

joseph kabila 58%

the country is divided

Second Round between Joseph Kabila (44.81% ) and Jean Pierre Bemba (20.03%) in presidential election - 21 aug. 06 - 13.06h


Second Round!
Partiel Results of Elections in DR Congo - 19/08/2006

Résultats Partiels des Elections Présisentielles en RD Congo
Partiel Results of Elections in DR Congo - 12/08/2006

Tensions rise ahead of Congo's historic vote Monday, July 24, 2006 - 1239

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. 
Article 5 : No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

violations femme victime

Stop the systematic rape in Congo

prisonniers en DR Congo

Children still armed in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, but colonialism, slavery and corruption have turned it into one of the poorest, by historian Dan Snow. BBC Oct 2013

Horrible condition of prisoners in DR Congo

prisonniers en RD Congo


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